NBR History


Neurobehavioral Research, Inc. has its origins in St. John’s Episcopal Hospital of Queens, New York, where psychiatrist Dr. Ronald Brenner began conducting clinical trials in 1994. The setting was modest: a cubicle, a three-person team, and one study. But this quickly changed; more studies came in and the staff grew in numbers. In 1999, the operation was incorporated and acquired the status of a private research site, establishing its official name: Neurobehavioral Research. It moved out to the Five Towns area of Long Island, New York a year later, where it has been conducting clinical trials ever since.

Throughout this history, NBR’s research has been assessed by an audit system. From its very first study in 1999, sponsor inspections have never produced any significantly negative findings. Less frequent audits commissioned by public entities, such as the Institutional Review Board (IRB), have yielded results to the same effect. The most telling audits, conducted by the Food & Drug Administration in 2008, 2014, and 2015, generated excellent results: no deficiencies were found and all of the statutory requirements were satisfied.

We present our quality of research and longevity as a promise to our participants seeking the best investigational care and assistance. Through helping them, we partake in advancing medicine itself, and this relationship provides us with a tremendous sense of duty that contains our work. This has been true throughout our history and we are committed to carrying it into our future as well.


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